Check-in time of YUURIN-AN

“YUURIN-AN is a unique guesthouse.”

Sometimes, guests who stayed with us says something like this and even though working here I do think so too.



The Check-in time of YUURIN-AN is 18:30 ~ 20:00.

It is quite short and maybe this is the shortest among guesthouses in Japan.


Sometimes, we receive negative comments about this.

However, this is the best time to enjoy your stay in Kurashiki and YUURIN-AN


Good time to enjoy Kurashiki


Kurashiki is a city with rich culture and history and with a lot of traditional Japanse houses.

Its landscape at early evening and night is breathtakingly beautiful.

We want you to enjoy this beautiful view leisurely.

In addition, if you want to have specialty of Kurashiki as a dinner you should arrive at early evening.

Most of the restaurants in this quarter close early.



YUURIN-AN’s “Welcome session”


Between this short check-in time, we strongly recommend you to do check-in at 18:30.

Everyday from 18:30, guests and staff get together in our common area where we check in new guests.

We hold a kind of welcome session and everyone makes self-introduction.


Even though we met for the first time, we can get feel at ease with each other soon.

After dinner or walking around, it is time to talk with guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

Making plans for tomorrow, talking about your hometown, encountering different cultures…

We hope you enjoy communicate with various guests from all over the world!



鵜野 圭輔