Recommendation for visiting Kurashiki





A guest who stayed at Yuurin-an wrote a recommendation for Kurashiki and Yuurin-an!

If you are thinking of traveling Japan, this article will be helpful!!


This goes out to all the travelers out there looking for their next awesome adventure.

Let me tell you about a place that deserves to be on the spotlight. I am talking about this cute little town called Kurashiki, in Japan.


Me and my wife found it by chance when looking for beautiful old towns in Asia to get the ancient experience of sleeping in very old houses and get the feeling of traveling back in time.

Kurashiki is one of the cutest traditional towns I have seen so far, preserving many old houses with traditional Japanese style and a friendly, peaceful atmosphere.
You can take a relaxing walk on one of its cute little streets or sit down at one of the many cafés and restaurant for a bite.

Once you are in Kurashiki, there is a place that will definitely call your attention. Yuurin-An is a very special guest house and cafe that has become an icon in Kurashiki. It is a 100 year-old house (some parts are 300 years old) that offers a very special lodging experience. From tatami floors and futon beds on the floor to internal gardens and traditional Japanese sliding doors, I couldn’t think of a place more interesting than this one.



Now, what really makes Yuurin-An unique and totally recommendable is both the people that work there and the guests that stay there. The whole idea is to create bonds that last a long time. If you like meeting cool people with good hearts and have a great time, this is the place to be.

Hope you come!


鵜野 圭輔