Spring festival of Achi Shrine, Kurashiki * 倉敷の総鎮守、阿智神社の春季例大祭

Kurashiki is getting warm recently and sometimes it’s almost like summer!

Did you enjoy your golden week?

During this week, a lot of people visited Kurashiki and enjoyed a variety of events and sightseeing in historical quarter.

When the golden week is over, the spring festival of the Achi Shrine is right around the corner.
This shrine is the biggest one in Kurashiki area and has a long history over than 1,700 years.
The festival is held on May 20 (Sat.) & 21(Sun.) and I am really excited about these special days!

In this 2 days, you will see and meet traditional culture of Kurashiki.



◎Kurashiki Tenryo Daiko(倉敷天領太鼓・くらしきてんりょうだいこ)

If you hear the strong drum beats in Kurashiki on Saturday night, this is a Kurashiki Tenryo Daiko.

This is played as a dedication for the god. The powerful beats fascinate many people.

Don’t miss it!!




You may meet masked persons with a red fan during this 2 days. They are called suinkyo.

It is said that the origin of suinkyo is an elderly couple. They had always attended the festival. However, as they got old, it became difficult for them to join. Then, the couple made masks and young persons put it on and attend the festival instead of the elderly couple.

Recently, it is said that if you are beaten the head by the fan, you will become happy!


The carrier drumming person on it is called senzairaku around Kurashiki city.

It is very exciting to see the people looking so strong when they carry and throw up as they sing a song of senzairaku.

It moves around the Kurashiki Bikan Quarter during the day time on Sunday(May 21).


Visit Kurashiki and enjoy these special days!!


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